Best Flip Cameras

The Best of the Best Flip Cameras on the market is the Flip MinoHD 120. The Flip MinoHD 120 combines the worlds smallest HD Camera, with the power of a simple user-friendly interface. Start recording HD video in less then three seconds from power up. The slim sleek design makes it easy to retrieve your Flip camera fast, so you’ll never miss a thing. With many colors and default designs to choose from and the option to skin your Flip MinoHD with your own personal image, there's a look that fits who you are. With a 2” anti glare screen and a flip minohd 120ton of in device options gives you the power to, view, edit, and save your video. And when you’re done saving your footage you can easily share it with the world by uploading it to Youtube, Facebook, or your favorite video-sharing site.

With dimensions of 3.94" x 1.97" x 0.66" (H x W x D) its truly the smallest, Best Flip HD Camera available. It’s hard to believe that something so small could pack such a punch. The Flip MinoHD 120 sports video capture that features, a Fixed Focus 0.8m to infinity lens, smooth 2x digital zoom, 16:9 wide screen, HD 720p (1280 x 720) at 30 frames per seconds (fps) progressive scan that is recorded as MP4 files and saves them on a 8G internal memory. HDMI hookup for easy viewing on any HDTV.The standard rechargeable battery’s offer 2.5 hours of record time, but with the AA Energizer® e2® rechargeable batteries you have up to 6.5 hours of recording time. The flip MinoHD 120 helps protect all you precious memories in stunning HD.

Flip MinoHD 60

The Flip MinoHD 60 is a suitable substitute for the MinoHD 120, however we feel here at that for the flip minohd 60money the folks at Flip took a little to much punch out of the MinoHD 60 at 199.99 considering the caddy of compact HD cameras the Flip MinoHD 120 Is only $30 more at $229.99. The main difference is the lack of recording memory. The Flip Mino 60 has a 4G internal memory giving you 60 minutes recording time for HD video. As opposed to 120 minutes with the MinoHD 120. That by it’s self is enough for me to pony up the extra thirty bucks but when you add in the other areas where the Flip MinoHD 60 was scaled back it really makes it a easy choice. However if the $199.99 is the absolute top of your budget DO NOT HESITATE TO BUY THE Flip Flip MinoHD 60, its still one of the Best HD Flip Cameras available.

Flip UltraHd 120

The Flip UltraHd 120 packs almost the exact same features as the Flip MinoHD120, flip ultrahd 120the main difference comes in size. With dimensions of 4.25" x 2.19" x 1.17" (H x W x D) its only slightly larger then the Flip Mino 120 but with the exception of the lens all the specs are the same. And for a modest $199.99 the Flip UltraHD 120 is a great bargain making it considered as a "Best Flip Camera" and is a must have for the video enthusiast.

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flip video logoToday everyone has the power to capture history as it happens, be it your kids fifth birthday party or or a breath taking event worthy of a Pulitzer Prize. The Flip Camera is the latest tool for the tech savvy photographer or the home novice to document life as it unfolds. The beauty of the Best Flip Cameras resides with their ease of use and its compact size. With one touch HD recording and picture taking even a child can master the Flip Camera. With instant play back and a 2" anti glare screen makes viewing your stills and HD footage a snap.

Technology has always pushed the envelope of comfort and quality of life. With the Internet age in full swing and the proliferation of hand held device staying in touch, with not only your loved ones, but the entire world through youtube and other social networking sites has never been easier. With the introduction of the Best Flip Video Cameras and Flip Share TV making HD video and sharing it with the world is easier then ever. The sleek, slim design is packed with user-friendly functions, at the tip of your finger. is dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to find the best Flip Cameras anywhere. We have done all the research for you and complied it right here, with many colors and styles to choose from your sure to find the best Flip Camera for you. Our mission at is to be your one stop for the Best Flip Cameras on the Internet.

The Best Flip Camera for you is packed with features like, one touch recording; Flip share software which makes saving, editing, organizing and sharing your HD video easy and fun; instant play back, with fast forward, rewind, pause, zoom and delete functions make managing your Hd video a breeze; what good is HD video if you cant watch it, the HDMI plug allows you to hook your Flip Camera straight to your HD TV for instant viewing in 1280x720 at 30 frames per second. With so to many features and functions to list here, true HD has never been more affordable.

With a wide range of accessories for your Flip camera your able to take your HD video to the next level. is your source for the best flip camera accessories. With affordable Flip Camera options to pick from and everything you need to go with the Top Flip Camera for you the memories will last forever. The Flip Cameras tripod gives you the freedom to join the party, and with 120 minutes of HD recording time, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your not going to miss a thing. The underwater case for the Flip Camera protects your Flip camera to depths of 30 feet for unmatched access to shoot stunning HD video in any environment.

With tons of other Flip Cameras to choose from starting at $99.99 the best Flip Camera is the one that’s just right for you. Don’t forget to check for all the great accessories for you Flip camera, including custom skins for the Flip MinoHD.

Best Flip Cameras

3rd Generation UltraHD Flip Camcorder - 8 GB - 2 Hours Of Recording

The newest generation of the Flip cameras is absolutely awesome. It is the UltraHD video camera that has 8 GB and 2 hours of recording time. This model is now the most popular out of all of the Flip models and it is easy to see why. The UltraHD is the easiest to use camcorder that has ever been made, and the picture quality is amazing. Another great feature is that all of the 3rd generation UltraHD camcorders come with playshare software built in. This allows you to share alal of your videos with your friends over the different social networks.

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3rd Generation Flip MinoHD Video Camera - 8 GB - 2 Hours Of Recording

The 3rd generation of the Flip MinoHD camera is finally available, and it is very similar to the UltraHD. They both now have 8GB to store your movies and videos on. The Flip MinoHD also has two hours of recording time, but in a smaller package. The MinoHD flip video camera now features image stabilization, which will make your image alot less shaky then before. Another similar feature between the two video cameras is that the MinoHD has built in Flipshare software as well. The new MinoHD is much improved from the second generation and other ones that were released previously. Considering the fact that you will only pay $199 for this thing, you will be very happy with the quality and features that you get with this Flip video camera.

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Flip Share TV

The Flip Share TV is the pinnacle of home movie making and viewing. The Flip Share TV is a flip share tvsmall (about the size of a modem) box that connects your TV/HDTV wirelessly with your computer. The Flip Share TV allows you to import all of your video files no matter what device they where shoot on into one video catalog. Once your home movie library is compiled the Flip Share TV makes it easy through the USB Key to transmit Hd quality video wirelessly from your computer to your TV giving home movie night a new meaning. The Flip Share TV comes with a remote control for even easier use. With the Flip channel option on your Flip Share TV now the whole family can enjoy your HD home movies no matter where they are. The simple plug-n-play unit instantly connects with no confusing setup required, a trademark of Flip and the Best Flip Cameras.

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